Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Outdoor wedding decorations must be large to compensate for the wide open space. It is wise to choose a venue that has a natural beauty, such as rose gardens, wooded areas, lakes and seashores. Try to create florals that blend and emphasize the natural beauty around you, rather than trying to compete against it.

Continuing on with the specific decorations from a wedding I did (to see the first page regarding stone steps, click here .) Next I had to consider the front steps, which was where the small quartet was to play during an afternoon cocktail hour. I didn't want to overpower the space, so I simply placed two large ferns in small plastic urns (which I painted to match the larger urns.) These ferns are very inexpensive at local greenhouses. They cost a total of $10 each plus the cost of the plastic urn (about $5.00) Very inexpensive, considering the look achieved!

The bride planned on a bar set up near an outdoor chimney. The setting was very beautiful. I simply added two flowering, potted trees, and dropped them into large earthenware pots. This only took a few minutes and gave a large decorated look. The extra bonus was that the bride had some beautiful trees to add to her yard in remembrance of her wedding day!

I also bought several vase shaped urns. They had a sandstone type of finish. I painted them to match the other, larger urns. You can see how the investment of a few cans of paint pulled all of the arrangements together. Yet I was able to shop around and find good buys on all those large containers.

You must be sure to weight these down, since you don't want them toppling over with the gust of a good wind. For extra appeal, I greened in design rings and snugly fit the botton of the large vase down into them. Thus I carried on thru the cool greenery even to the flowered arrangements, tying them to those at the large, stone steps.

The next place I concentrated on placing some outdoor wedding decorations was the area that the bride actually made her entrance from. Here I placed similar urns as on the stone steps, except these contained a large mixture of flowers.

This was a very warm day, so I chose flowers that would hold up, even in the sun. I designed with carnations, gladiolus, roses, and stock. I mixed in hanging amaranthus, leather leaf fern, spengeri, and trailing large ivy.

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