Outdoor Wedding Arch

Decorations for Outdoor Weddings

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Planning to be married under an outdoor wedding arch? There are many ways to decorate that can make your wedding altar a beautiful part of your ceremony.

I tend to use zip ties (found in the electrical section of the hardware store) to fasten everything from greenery to flower cages to arches. This handy plastic fasteners go on easily and snip off quickly with diagonal cutters - eliminating the tiresome twisting and untwisting of wire.

Lavishly cover an archway with greens. For the feathery look, choose something like tree fern or pulmosa. For heavier looks, lemon leaf (sala), emerald or jade, or other large leaf greenry.

Large white anthuriums backed with palm leaves makes a gorgeous display for this lucky bride!

Fasten a large Oasis cage to the top of an arch and it can be quickly greened in and filled with flowers. You can flower it ahead of time - but you may need help getting it up and wired onto the arch.

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Wooden structures look romantic with swathes of tulle wrapped and overlaid with garland greenery.

I did this archway completely with zip ties. I cut the silk flowers short and zipped them right to the arch. It went up quickly and was able to be dismantled easily as well for the next wedding. I keep the tulle short and tend to tie on shorter lengths and "puffy" bows". That way wind doesn't truly affect "the look" as much as if I just had long streamers.

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