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Ordering from my Wedding Supply Store

If you have placed an order with my supply store, a confirming e-mail was sent to you with all the details of the order. You can return that e-mail with any specific questions about that order and it will be answered as quickly as I can.

Can't find the e-mail? Drop me a line in the form at the bottom and give me as much info about your order as you can.

How Do I Place an Order With Your Store?

You can click on my store link from the top of the Navigation Bar on the left or anywhere you see a Shopping Cart button. There are also links scattered throughout the site for specific items and they all lead to areas in my store.

How Do I Find Something in Your Store?

In the upper left of my store there is a "search" button. Simply fill it in with a general description of what you are looking for, such as "wire" or "bouquet holder" and various choices will display.

Why Do You have a Minimum Shipping Fee?

Please check the shipping rate page BEFORE placing an order. I don't want anyone to be surprised or unhappy about the costs. My hundreds of products range greatly in weight and size and it is impossible to anticipate how much shipping will be by weight.

Shipping, therefore, is based on the cost of the order. Most every supply house of the kind of products I carry do it the same way.

Realize that also within the shipping costs is handling, packing products (including binding tape, boxes, and bubble wrap) AND the shipping costs I incurred when wholesalers ship to me. It's more than just the price you see on the package. Larger orders do get a bigger break on the shipping.

How Fast Can You Get Me an Order?

If we have the product in stock, we usually ship within two days. Products DO MOVE QUICKLY, however, and we may be waiting for a shipment in. My store is held up at times simply because my wholesaler can't get a specific product in. If he is backordered, I may be sold out as well.

You should ALWAYS allow plenty of time for an order to reach you before your wedding date.

Some products are very heavy, so we generally ship those items parcel post. If the shipping costs fall within the Priority Mail postage, we ship it the faster way, which reaches you within 2 to 3 days. I ALWAYS reserve the right to refund your money if I cannot get a product it. I also reserve the right to have a full thirty days (the time Parcel Post requires) to send a product. Do NOT ORDER ONE WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING and then be upset if it doesn't reach you in time. I try to ship as quickly as possible - but some brides don't give much time.

I've received shipping quotes on heavy or large bulky items, such as heart maches or gallons of liquid and it is VERY EXPENSIVE to ship. Rush orders of shipments must be approved first and you must be willing to pay the extra shipping costs.

What Do I Do If Something is Broken or Missing?

Please open all shipments immediately and notify me within two days of receipt if anything is missing or broken.

What Happens if I Change My Mind?

I want all my brides to be happy! If you decide after you ordered something that you don't want it after all, simply refuse acceptance of the package. Notify me by e-mail and I will refund to your credit card.

If you accept the package, all return products MUST be in their original packaging and unopened. The price of the product will be refunded, but part or all of the shipping may not.

Once an order is shipped, you will be responsible for the shipping costs. The ONLY way you are not responsible for the shipping is to refuse receipt of the package and it is returned to me unopened by the same carrier.

My Order's Not Here Yet! What Do I Do?

Please don't wait until the day before your wedding to let me know something hasn't arrived. Contact me at least 3 or 4 days before hand and I'll track down the shipment. If necessary, I can post another order to you.

If you wait until the day before, it may be impossible to get it to you in time. Be smart - order EARLY and give your products plenty of time to reach you. This is what the professionals do so there is no panic and plenty of time to track down a shipment if necessary!

My Flowers were Beautiful! Can I share Pictures?

I would love to hear how your wedding went! Send me pictures!! I'm trying to get organized and post an "I Did It" with full bragging rights for all DIY brides.

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