Orchid Wedding Cake Flowers

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Orchid wedding cake flowers give a simple, tasteful note of pure elegance to this traditional white tiered cake. Sitting in a cloud of white tulle, orchids even adorn the cutting knife.

Orchids generally come three to a box and are packaged nestled on cotton. This cake is also accented with sprengeri fern and stepanotis. If you use stephanotis on a cake, be sure to use stephanotis picks to keep them hydrated.

Photo courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved

Fresh flowers on wedding cakes generally do not have a water source. Using a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch is how florists keep those cut flowers looking great throughout the wedding day.

Coat the flowers throughly, then allow to dry on the flower. Since both heating and air conditioning tends to dry out the air, petals stay hydrated despite this.

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