Orchid Corsage

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Creating an Orchid corsage flowers takes a little more time and care, but I think they are well worth it when you see the elegant beauty. These tropical beauties come in several varieties and colors.

Cymbidium Corsage and Boutonniere

If you're planning on tropical wedding flowers, these orchids are both price conscious and beautiful. Note that this is a larger than normal boutonniere. So if your groom or groomsmen are objecting to wearing flowers, this might be a little big for them.

You can pin it to a purse as shown, wear it as an orchid wrist corsage or pin it to your gown.

Because of it's size, keep the orchid boutonniere as simple as possible. Here you see a decorative wire wrapped around the stem.

Orange Vanda Orchids

These orange Vanda Orchids are beautiful. This one is accented with cream astibe and backed with varigated ivy. One or two of these same blossoms can be used to make a matching corsage and boutonniere.

Fushia Dendrobium Orchid

The brilliance of this fuchsia dendrobium orchid makes for such a beautiful corsage. Use four or five blooms for the corsage and two blooms for a matching boutonniere.

Vanda Orchid Corsage

This Vanda orchid has striking white petals with fuschia spots. It is accented with bupleurum and a variegated ivy leaf.

Dendrobium Orchid

This dendrobium corsage is accented only with scented geranium and seeded eucalyptus.

Phalanopsis Corsage

The phalanopsis orchid has a large, butterfly shaped petals and is so perfect it doesn't need any other blooms accompanying it. This lovely corsage is backed with four salal leaves and a bit of ribbon.

All photos above courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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