Orchid Boutonniere

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An orchid boutonniere is an elegant and striking buttonhole flower. Some are rather large, however . . .be sure your groom is agreeable. I have seen some grooms balk at the thought of wearing a larger than normal lapel flower.

This unusual boutonniere is made with Vanda and Makara orchid blossoms and backed with one leaf from a Xandadu philodendron. It is banded with fine wire accents. Be sure to coat with Finishing Touch to ensure freshness thoughout the wedding day.

This unusual boutonniere is a Phalaenopsis and has beaded and decorative wire accents and is backed with feathers. One Phalaenopsis bloom is large enough without other flowers.

Cymbidium orchids come in several different colors, including white, pink, green, lavender and yellow. The grace and elegance of this flower is powerful!

Dendrobium orchids come in a long spray. Several individual blossoms work well as a boutonniere with distinctive taste. White and fuscia are common colors.

Photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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