Orange Rose Bridal Bouquet

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An orange rose bridal bouquet doesn't come in just one shade - it comes in hundreds. You will have to check with your supplier just to see what names the varieties go by. Popular ones are the brilliant Circus, true orange Miracle and the soft orange of "Lolly Pop". But be sure to check around - there are a lot to choose from!

Surround a solid mass of roses with a Bells of Ireland collar and create a dense waterfall of hanging greenery such as ivy.

These Miracle roses seem to pop right off the page, they're so bright! These were always a favorite with all my customers and are stunning in wedding photos.

Orange contrasts beautifully with interesting foliage, especially those in the lime green colors.

Ring around the Rosy" . . .literally! Soft LollyPop roses create a lovely pattern with cream colored roses.

Alstroemeria lilies also come in a large range of this color, from deep rusts to soft peachy ones.

Glorious mixing of different shades and hues give a wonderful depth and texture to this gorgeous creation.

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