Orange Lily Bouquet

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for DIY Brides

This lovely orange lily bouquet is created in a customized bouquet holder that you can easily make yourself. Please don't feel limited to using the colors shown - this bouquet is fun with substituted colors as well!

Asiatic lilies are easy to work with and come in white, orange, and pink. You can also tint them using a special flower spray. Please don't use regular paint, which is very bad for flowers and can cause delicate petals to wilt.

Cut the lateral stem (branch) of each individual lily as close to the main branch as possible, giving yourself a long stem to insert into the bouquet holder. Remove any pollen from the flower, as when it matures it turns yellow and can stain bridal gowns and other materials.

Although I normally start the flowers in the center, this time I began at the extreme outside edge. Cut down the stems to about 1" to 1 1/2" (unless you want a larger bouquet) and insert deeply into the foam.

Don't be afraid to use unopened buds - they add texture and interest to the bridal bouquet design.

You can rapidly begin to fill in one side of the bouquet with these large-headed blooms.

Use the slant of the stem to your advantage. Some I literally inserted sideways as the bouquet foam begins to fill up. I did this because the foam begins to get crowded with stems.

I literally crowd the flowers, since I don't want any mechanics such as the florist foam to show between the flowers.

I am leaving the right side open, since I plan for this design to be in mass groupings of different flowers. I will next insert hot pink Nerine lilies and Cymbidium Orchids.

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