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Teleflora and FTD

Online wedding flowers show beautiful bouquets, gorgeous designs and . . . really expensive costs. Why are bridal arrangements so expensive?

Wire services such as Teleflora and FTD have really brought flower designing down to a science. They release new books with flower arrangements that have been broken down into "recipes" for each participating florist member to use.

This ensures that when you choose an arrangement in California, you can be sure the florist in New York will do everything they can to deliver the same (or very close) arrangement to your recipient.

But choosing designs out of a Teleflora catalog can be an expensive way to choose your bridal bouquets.

For example, let's look at a simple Calla Lily boutonniere. Click here to go to Teleflora

Wow! Over $20 for a simple boutonniere! Believe me, this doesn't have much "design time" in it.

Boutonnieres like this cost so much because they have to "average" costs across the whole country. You are paying the same as in a large city, because the florals made have to be kept to certain price standards.

Bridal and Bridemaid's Bouquets by Teleflora

Take a peek at this beautiful bridesmaid's bouquet. It's very nice ... but muliply it by five bridesmaids and you can begin to the the $$$ go up and up!

Click here for a Teleflora Bridesmaid Bouquet

Teleflora also has a beautiful selection of online bouquets for the bride.

Click here for Teleflora page.

It used to be discouraging to see a bride light up when she spotted a beautiful arrangement . . and then drew back when she saw the price tag.

Ask yourself if you can make your own arrangements.

Online wedding flowers is a good place to start for ideas for yourself. Deciding on a style and form is the first step to designing your own bouquets.

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