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The online bridal registry has been made into a fine art. All the major department stores and discount stores have recognized the power that you (the bride) have by using their gift registry. Wedding gift bags are much easier to fill if the giver has an idea of what the bride and groom prefer.

But don't jump in with no regards for your guest's budgets and tastes as well. No one wants to receive a cheap wedding gifts. But I remember one sad bride who allowed a talkative sales clerk persuade her to fill her registry with fine china and crystal. She didn't really consider that her lifestyle rarely required these expensive gifts and would have profited a great deal more with bed linens and towels that she really could have used. It was a high scale department store - so she didn't get near the practical items she could of had by registering with a local discount store.

Since the place settings were so expensive, she received barely half of the items and was forced to return the ones she did receive for more practical merchandise.

You and your fiance need to have a serious talk about the kind of gifts you would actually use or treasure. Perhaps you'd be better registering with a large discount store and get more for your money than an upscale department store.

Online versus In Store Registering

Going with an online registry is easier than going to the store itself. There you must depend on the knowledge of sales clerks who will set you up with a price scanner while you go around the store choosing what you want on your wedding registry.

The drawback is that stores change their merchandise frequently and that same item might not be on the shelves once your guests begin to shop.

The online stores seem to be better about showing only merchandise that has a long history of being stocked. You and the potential buyer can both see the same price and not be subject to more of a "bait and switch" type of deal. Be sure to read the fine print about return policies BEFORE you register!

Filling Out Forms on the Internet

Before going into the tedious task of filling out all those forms, you might want to get a free download of an form filler like All the stores are going to ask for needed information like your names, wedding date, address and an e-mail address. If they ask very personal information like social security numbers or credit card numbers - PASS!!

Here are some of the more popular links to various bridal registries. Going to familiar store names is going to give your guests more confidence of the safety of buying online.

Macys Bridal Registry

Macys Gift Registry is a well known department store and carries a fine assortment of fine china, cookware, cutlery, kitchen electronics, bed and bath items, home decor and more. They carry large brand names such as Vera Wang, Lenox, Charter Club, Kate Spade and Martha Stewart collections. Macy's Online Gift Registry

Beth Bath Beyond Bridal Registry

The Bed Bath Beyond gift registry has a nice setup and you can choose bedroom linens (of course!), bath, kitchen applilances and more. They often feature a free giveaway of some kind with your registration. They carry a 100% guarantee on their items and offer gift cards for those who don't want to choose a specific gift.

They also offer a cool online bridal planner. This bridal "toolkit" includes a guest list manager, timeline, task manager, seating arranger and more.

Bed Bath and Beyond Bridal Registry

Target Bridal Registry

The popular "Club Wedd" online bridal registry is convenient - but you can also register in the store. While giving you a list of the most common registry items, their prices are clear and the interface fairly easy to use.

They have most every practical gift item you could need for the home, including kitchen, bed, bath and utility items.

Club Webb

Dillards Bridal Registry

Dillard's "Thee Wed" online bridal registry carries most of the items you find in their department stores. Expect a pricier line of upscale kitchenware and appliances, electronics, bath, bedding, sheets and casual dinnerware.

They also carry lingerie . . .but do you really want all your wedding guests to view your choice of nighties for your honeymoon? Dillards Bridal Registry

Fortunoff Bridal Registry

Fortunoff online bridal registry carries the regular department store items as well, including table top and giftware, kitchen and housewares, furniture, home decor, bedroom and bath items as well as a large gift gallery.

This is a good place for your guests to choose a more unique wedding gift. They also have a more fun department that you might enjoy. Filled with bridal accessories, upscale jewelry and novelty gifts . . . these are a little different from the usual fare.

Fortunoff Bridal Registry

Sear's Gift Registry

I suggest you go read some reviews on the internet about Sear's online bridal registry.

I happen to like Sears . . . but am hesitant to give a link when there seems to be several bad reviews and complaints from past bride and grooms on the internet. Check it out for yourself.

Honeymoon Gift Registry

A growing trend (especially for already established brides and grooms that have complete houses already set up) are a honeymoon gift registry. Guests go online and can contribute to the costs of the honeymoon . . . some even list various activites that the guest can "buy" for the happy couple.

I recommend that you look for the Better Business Bureau symbol and be sure your honeymoon bridal registry reviews are positive and not just "hype" on their website.

You may also wish to visit This is a independent rating company that allows you to see details like how long the website has been online, the address and personal information of the owner of the website and more.

Honeymoon Registry Reviews is a site that gives some independent reviews of different honeymoon registries. You may also want to have your local travel agent check a few out for you to be sure they are above board. The bottom line? Do your homework BEFORE you register to avoid big disappointment in what your guests pay for and what you actually receive.

Creative Honeymoon

Pottery Barn Bridal Registry

The Pottery Barn online bridal registry is a popular home decor store with furniture, bedding, bath, rugs, pillows, window treatments, lamps and other lighting, tableware, flatware and glassware items.

Pottery Barn Online Registry

Linens n Things Bridal Registry

This site seems to be very popular with brides and has received many positive reviews on it's online bridal registry. They carry bedding, bath, dining, kitchen, electrical appliances, home decor, window treatments and more.

Linens n Things have a very nice touch with "Rapid Registries". This allows you to personalize your registry room by room as you shop for items.

Linens 'n Things Bridal Registry

JC Penney Bridal Registry

A well known department store, J C Penney has the usual bedding and bath, kitchen, home wares, home decor,and more. They sometimes offer free gifts like 8x10 engagement portraits, free gown preservation and more when using their online bridal registry. You'll need to check out the site to see what their exact offer is at this time.

J. C. Penney Online Bridal Registry

Bloomingdales Bridal Registry

Everyone recognizes Bloomingdale's Department store. Their online bridal registry allows you to choose finer name brands for kitchen, bath, bedroom and more.

Bloomingdale's Depart Store Registry

Wal Mart Bridal Registry

Wal-Mart is a recognized discount store that carries most of the popular (and practical) items for the home. They have a well knownguarantee policy and generally seem to work hard to keep your business. Their online bridal registry is pretty straight forward and easy to do.

Choosing items in the store itself can be a little chancy, since turnover is rapid and what you choose may not be on the shelves in a few months.

Wal-Mart Wedding Registry

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