Oasis Metallic Wire

The difference between Oasis Metallic Wire and their Aluminum Wire is that the metallic is a much finer gauge.

This delicate wire can be used in bouquets, corsages or even centerpieces to add a shimmering accent that doesn't have to be hidden like regular florist wire.

It can easily be bent and molded into different shapes and inserted into your flower designs.

A large range of available colors makes it easy to either match or add contrast to your wedding colors.

You can see both the metallic wire and the aluminum wire pictured side by side. The aluminum is the one on the left.

This fine wire is perfect for winding around boutonniere or corsage stems. This eliminates the need for corsage tape.

Large loopy "wire bows" creates a whole new look for today's corsages.

Monochromatic shades of red add mystery and allure to a simple red rose corsage.

Fine silver wire finishes off this groom's bout with a shiny finish.

I used both wires in this boutonniere for contrast. These types of wearable flowers can be done up quickly without the need for tape or silk leaves.

More wire leaves used as accent for a wrist corsage.

Silver metallic makes a pretty contrast against the ribbon wrap of this boutonniere.

Wire and bent flower stems make and interesting combo for this romantic centerpiece.

This 24-gauge wire is available in 13 colors, and has a large 164 ft./spool

Metallic Wire

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