Oasis Floral Foam

A brick of Oasis floral foam holds around two liters of water when fully saturated! When thoroughly wet, this brick of foam holds over 40 times its own dry weight! This amazing product has revolutionized the way flower shops design over the years.

Open Cell Structure

Open-celled Oasis florist foam, it is purposely made to resemble the same cell structure as a flower stem. It is usually green in color to help blend in with the foilage of the flower arrangements.

The "wicking" capabilities of the brick foam (the ability to draw up water) works the exact same way a flower stem pulls up water. Because of the unique way it is made, the foam actually retains water in it's cells.

When a flower stem is inserted 1" into a 4" piece of OASIS Floral Foam, it is actually increasing the stem length by 3". When water is drawn up the flower stem, it is replaced by the cells beneath until the empty space is taken up by surplus water pooled at the bottom of the flower container. The capillary action continues, as long as the supply of water is refreshed.

Please note that OASIS® Floral Foam is not a substitute for water. Water lost by evaporation or used up by flowers must be replaced,. Add water frequently to your wedding centerpieces, bouquets, and other floral arrangements if made days before the wedding!

Wholesale Floral Supply

Some of these florist products are hard to find, since their website sells only to wholesale floral suppliers, who in turn usually sell only to retail florists.

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