Oasis Decorative Wire

Oasis Decorative wire comes in a wide range of colors - so it's easy to find something that matches your wedding color scheme.

The wire is very malleable and is easy to twist or bend into decorative accents for bridal bouquets, corsages or boutonnieres. Gone is the fussy lace bouquet collars. You can create a totally unique look for your wedding designs.

This wire is FANTASTIC for sophisticated, sleek bouquet handles. No need to wrap with ribbon at the last minute - this wire can be popped right into a vase of water without fear of damage to the handle.

Imaginative swirls and cascades replace the old look of fussy lace and tulle. This decorative wire comes in two different sizes for twice the fun!

Even a do-it-yourself bride can quickly turn a hand-tied bouquet into a masterpiece that looks professional and expensive.

Weave a loopy pattern with the wire and tuck it down into a clear bowl so the colors become part of the design. It also acts as a decorative "frog" to insert the stems of the flowers so that they stay in place.

Inside water or outside the bowl - it works well into any design.

Combine the mega wire (hot pink shown below) with the regular decorative wire for a stylish framework around your bouquet.

Choose a color that blends in or contrasts with your own wedding pallet.

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