Oasis Bullion Wire

Oasis bullion wire is fine spun wire with a crinkle to it. It comes in a variety of colors that match other Oasis products, such as wire bouquet collars , decorative wire , and flat wire

Even simple arrangements such as a few flower heads in a bubble bowl can look sophisticated with the addition of fine Oasis metallic wire and bullion wire.

This fine wire is malleable and can be lightly scrunched in your hand and tucked into the bowl for a fast, easy (but elegant!) reception centerpiece.


The wire can also be incorporated into wedding bouquets. This fine spun wire gives a fragile look to the flowers. It sparkles and shimmers under the lights or in wedding photographs.

If you look closely, you'll two different wires used here. Slender smooth wire is metallic and the crimped wire is the bullion.

This dainty crimped wire can be used in all sorts of creative ways with bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. You can even fashion it into a "wire flower" as a stunning accent for your flowers.

In the photo below - the thicker, colored wire is also a different product available in my wedding supply store.

You can create small wire balls as a fun accessories over pearl pins or at the base of a flower head.

Delicately crafted wire leaves shine and sparkle as they catch the light.

Make a nest of wire and quickly glue orchids into place and use in bouquets or corsage work.

Create souls can actually turn fresh flowers into jewelry with this cool design product.

Here's a tighter closeup on how bullion wire looks.

This is a wonderful product that is so much fun to work with! Combine colors to create the layered look.

Add extra sparkle by using bullion to string pearls, gems or other sparkly beads. You can also string fresh flower heads to dangle from your bouquet or centerpieces.

It's a wonderful binding wire . . . and perfect since you don't have to try to conceal your mechanics like you would with regular green florist wire.

Bullion is available in a wide range of colors so to match your own wedding pallet.

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