Oasis Bind-IT Tape

Oasis Bind-It tape is one of the newest products to hit the flower supply market today. It is incredibly easy to use and much stronger than flower tape.

It is waterproof and sticks to itself. At this point, green is available - but I've heard that a clear version will be soon available.

Bind-It tape comes on a generous 15 foot roll and is adhered to a clear protective cover. You can cut off how much you need or use straight off the roll.

Although it adheres to itself, this tape doesn't have the sticky feel of traditional flower tape.

Just a tiny bit is needed for smaller projects such as boutonnieres and corsages.

This speeds up production considerably. Simply hold the flower stems and greenery together and tie in one fell swoop the entire design.

It's fast, easy and won't come apart, even if it is stored in water until the wedding day.

This lovely freesia boutonniere was finished off with a quick wrap of angel hair wire and then bound with silver metallic wire.

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