Nerine Lilies Added to Bouquet

Easy Wedding Bouquet Tutorials for DIY Brides

A nerine lily is a gorgeous secondary flower, especially when used as a mass flower. It is a member of the Amaryllis family and comes in a lovely shade of hot pink. These are often grown in yards and called "Surprise Lilies", and are distinctive because they have no leaves. They are available year round.

This tutorial began by creating a wire bouquet holder using a colored Lomey wire collar and using two colors of decorative wire to create a braided handle.

Orange Asiatic lilies were inserted into one side of the bouquet, leaving room for the Nerine lilies.

I inserted the nerines as a mass cluster, keeping the design tight so that the hot pink lilies cover the mechanics of the bouquet holder.

I left the heads short enough so that the wire collar could peek out from behind the orange and pink lilies. Notice I left a small hold on the bottom right for orange roses to be inserted.

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