Napkins Folding Made Easy

Rosebud Design

Napkins folding into intricate designs is much easier with step-by-step photos and a simple video from YouTube. Once you get the hang of doing this design, you will love the way it dresses up a table for a reception or bridal shower.

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You can save quite a bit on your wedding expenses by providing your own labor. I always caution brides, however, to be sure to have a lot of helpers lined up to jump in and help finish different projects. Taking on too much can stress you out and that's the last thing I want for you on your wedding day!

Choose easy designs that can be greened up in advance. Try to have as much of the prep work done early, such as creating bows or greening of centerpieces. You may want to do the bouquets yourself (easier) and leave the intricate work such as corsages to a professional shop to save you time.

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