Names of Flowers

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The names of flowers used in my wedding design pages are usually listed in the descriptions of the various bouquets in this site. Although it is impossible to list the names of all flowers, I think you will find a great variety on these pages.

Don't overlook the greenery. Many of them are just as interesting as the flower varieties and over a cool and interesting contrast to bouquet designs. It is also important to consider the seasons of different varieties and whether it is practical to plan for them around your wedding date.

Flower Identification Guide

If you need a good reference to get you started, check out the Flower Encyclopedia link by It is an excellent place to start to learn more about cut flowers and their names. It includes many pictures of flowers and suggestions for their care and handling. Another online flower encyclopedia source is The Flower Expert. . This is a great website with lots of great advice about choosing the right flowers for every occasion.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas

If you are just starting on gathering ideas for your bridal flowers, always begin with design. You don't want to start by looking at flower pictures by color - but by DESIGN! Most wedding bouquets can be adapted to your color scheme. Focus first how the line and style of your flowers.

Silk Bridal Bouquets

Although this site is focused primarily on fresh flowers, most of the designs can easily be adapted to artificial flowers. I have included a page on Silk Bridal Bouquets to get you started. Be sure to use quality silks with realistic colors and crisp cut edges. Your guests may find it hard to tell the difference between silk or fresh!

Different Types of Flowers

Find pages devoted to particular types of flowers, such as orchids , roses , tropicals , tulips , daisies , Calla lilies , and stephanotis.

Meaning of Flowers

If you are a romantic at heart, you may want to know more than just the names of flowers, but their meanings also! Go the the site of the SAF (Society of American Flowers) to learn the language of flowers. Then you can include flowers in your bouquets that aren't only beautiful - but tell a special message to the man you love!

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