Monogram Wedding Cake

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A Monogram Wedding cake is a lovely way to show off the initials for the bride and groom. There are several different ways you can personalize yours to include either your names or your initials.

Overpiped Icing Monograms

Using a technique called "overpiping" the icing is overlayed and creates a window that you can either put your names or your monogram in.

Chocolate Groom Cakes
with Monogram or Names

This chocolate treat looks both luscious to eat and beautiful to look at. The bride and groom's name is inscribed on smooth icing plate. You can inscribe your names or initials this way and make your monogram or names "stand out" from the smooth icing.

Wedding Cake with Monograms

The bottom layer of this cake has a similar monogram of the wedding couple.

Three Dimensional Monogramed Cakes

The initials on this wedding cake shows how you can create initials out of icing, dip them in chocolate and insert them vertically into the caketop. Beautiful look for a cake that can be duplicated in traditional white or with more layers if desired.

Cake Jewelry
Monogram Wedding Cake Topper

Cake jewelry has become very popular with wedding cakes. The additions of jeweled garland, jeweled cake toppers and more add to the beauty of any wedding cake. These beautiful initialed letters by Wilton Cakes can spell out the bride and groom's first initials along with their last name initial.

This lovely monogramed wedding cake has been dusted with edible glitter made by Wilton Cakes.

Above photos courtesy Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

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