Modern Wedding Cakes

These modern wedding cakes are from members of . For more information regarding copyrights to the images, simply click on the picture.

Brightly colored cakes seem to go hand in hand with modern cakes. (A take off of "modern art"?) These cakes are bright, lots of fun and would get loads of compliments at any wedding reception!

Although made as a birthday cake, this would be an awesome wedding cake as well!

Polka dots, diamonds and stripes are made of fondant on this brightly colored cake.

I absolutely love the zaniness of this gorgeous cake!

A topsy-turvy cake with a bold chocolate background and bright colored polka dots.

Another great cake shows how versatile a topsy turvy cake cake be when decorated.

The best thing about these type of cakes is that you can really let your creative side take over! Thanks to all the contributors on Flickr who allowed me to share photos with you. If you need more info, simply click on the cake picture to be taken to the member's photo stream.

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