Mock Hand Tied
Wedding Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

A mock hand tied wedding bouquet has the look of a hand tied, but is much easier to design since foam allows you much more control of where each flower is placed.

With the SuperWet Bridal Bouquet holder by Oasis, you have the advantage of a built-in wick in the handle. Therefore you can leave off the bottom cap, attach the cut stems, and place the holder when finished into a vase of water. The wick draws water up the stems, keeping the flower heads fresh and watered until your wedding day. The best of all worlds!

After you've cut and placed your flowers in the bouquet holder, keep the cut off stems so you can create your mock hand-tied look. Be sure to clean the stems and remove all thorns so they won't tear your wedding dress or stain hands.

The dark green holder is ideal for helping to conceal under the cut stems. It is much easier than concealing a white holder. Plus you don't have as much concern with hiding the underside of the bouquet, since the dark green blends right in with the rest of the bouquet.

Don't forget to remove the bottom cap so the wick can draw up water, since your finished stems should extend down below the holder handle in order to conceal it better.

Many designers have their own special way of attaching the stems. Some wrap double-faced tape around the handle, then press the stems against the sticky surface. Others use the tape, gather a bundle of rubber-banded stems and then shove the handle down into the bundle.

I tend to use green florist clay that comes on a roll. When fresh, this clay is very sticky and holds well, even if the stems are damp with water. The green conceals well under the stems as well.

Just wind it down the bouquet holder until about 1/3 of the way down and remove the white backing paper.

You can see I can press my pre-cut stem against the clay and it holds it without me always needing two hands.

Continue to add stems, until the clay and handle is well concealed.

Once you have enough stems, wrap coated wire or waxed string around the stems and tie tightly so the stems don't move. Be sure to run your hands up and down the stems to be sure the handle is smooth with no stickiness of the clay coming out.

Add a few more flowers or berries on the underside of the bouquet, tilting downwards so that the bottom of the foam cage is concealed within a canopy of flowers. Now all you have left to do is create a final finish to the bouquet handle by tying a ribbon or winding wire around the handle.

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