Mexican Weddings

Mexican weddings are a lovely blend of Hispanic traditions revered for hundreds of years. If you are Mexican-American, weaving some of these traditions into your wedding ceremony is a proud reminder to your guests of your Hispanic heritage.

A large percentage are Catholic wedding ceremonies, since almost 40 percent of Mexicans are Catholic. There are a couple of practices you can add to make your vows very special.

Arras Wedding Coins

There is a tradition during the wedding ceremony where the bridegroom presents the bride with 13 coins. This tradition symbolizes the willingness of the groom to share all his worldly goods with his wife. Her acceptance of his gift melds their future life together.

The 13 coins are usually presented to the priest in an ornate box which will become a family heirloom.

The priest then blesses the coins and gives them to the bride. She places them in her husband's hands at the beginning of the Catholic wedding ceremony. The gold wedding coins are then placed on a tray to be used in the end of the ceremony. Near the end of the ceremony, the coins are once again given to the priest, who places them back into the box and gives it to the groom.

Pouring the coins into the bride's hands, the groom then places the gift box on top of the coins.

Wedding Lazo

Another touching Hispanic wedding tradition is for the best man and maid of honor to slip an el lazo onto the newly married couple's wrists right before the exchanging of the gold coins. This symbolizes the forever joining of a husband and wife - representing the promises that they made during their wedding vows.

Kneeling Prayer Pillow

Close friends of the bride or groom (usually Godparents) give the couple several gifts as part of the wedding ceremony. The gifts usually include items like a rosary, prayer book and wedding prayer pillow. The couple use the pillow to kneel on as the priest recites the wedding mass prayers.

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