Matching Wedding Bands

Matching wedding bands are twice as much fun if you can help design your own! Hayden Croft crafts their lovely bands one at a time. Since they custom make them for you, your bands will be created with your flair of style, your choice of material and sized just for the two of you.

Browse through hundreds of designs, many which can be personalized by engraving, working your names into the actual design, or initials.

Check them out by clicking on the "More Info" button found right next to the photo of the rings.

Have you visited my Gallery pages? I am a wedding florist by trade, so I delight in showing you hundreds of different bouquet designs. I even have step-by-step designing instructions so that you can easily make your own bridal flowers.

See the slide show below to find out the newest products that top flower designers are using in today's bouquets. You'll see bouquet jewelry, gleaming colored decorative wire, fine spun Angel Hair wire, Sisal and much more!

Discount Florist Supplies

If you can't see the slideshow above, you can download a free Windows Media Viewer.

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