Making Pew Bows Look Awesome!

Making pew bows to attach to your wedding aisle is so easy using a pew clip. This simple little florist tool is designed to slip over the wood without scratching or leaving tape marks.

Start with a clip:

Glue a satin bow to a clip (without the foam) for a simple look. To learn how to make a bow, click here.

Now for a little more of a dressy look, you can add some trailing greens, such as smilax, ivy or sprengeri.

For a touch more elegance, you can add a flower or two, such as these green Kermit button mums and two spider mums.

Now to mark special areas (such as parent's seating) see how adding a few more pew flowers and greenery really make this floral arrangement outstanding!

All photos above courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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