Making Bouquets for Weddings

Easy Step-by-Step Directions for Wedding Flowers

Making bouquets for your wedding can save you money on your wedding budget. You need to carefully consider if you have the time and patience for undertaking such a big project. The rewards can be great, however, in terms of both money and satisfaction!

You begin by choosing the right bouquet holder for the job. Please don't skimp and go too small. The life of the flowers depends on the size of the foam. Trying to cram too many into a small piece of foam breaks up the foam and will have the flowers wilting for lack of water.

I love the new SuperWet Bouquet Holders by Oasis.

They are available both in green and white, slanted (for cascades) and straight (for round designs). For this tutorial I have chosen a straight holder.

Begin by soaking in water properly treated with flower food. This product costs very little and goes a long way towards keeping your flowers as fresh as possible for a longer period of time.

Removing the bottom cap from the Superwet Bouquet Holder reveals a hollow handle with a built-in water wick. This will allow you to insert the finished bouquet into a vase of water after completion and allow the holder to continue a constant water supply to the flowers in the foam.

Since I plan to make this bouquet of roses look like a simulated hand tied bouquet, I like using the green holder for extra concealment of the mechanics. It has a generous head of foam which will be needed for holding such a large amount of roses.

Flowers should always be inserted about 1 to 1 1/2 inches into the foam head. They should feel secure - but not too deeply buried.

If you insert the stems too deeply, you will begin to run into trouble of the stems hitting other flower stems, which will cause you to pull out and re-insert again.

It is important to try to insert ONLY ONCE - to maintain the integrity of your foam.

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