Making a Boutonniere

Adding Diamante Pins

I wanted to add a little pizzaz by adding the sparkle of diamante pins.  These 2" pins have to be cut before inserting into the center of the flower and the boutonniere stem.

Please be very careful when cutting the diamante pins.  Wear protective eye goggles and bury the length of the pin in styrofoam.  Use a pair of wire cutters to cut the pin to the desired length.

Safely dispose of the foam with the buried stems in a manner that will not injure anyone disposing of the trash later.

The shortened pins can be inserted into the center of each flower of the boutonniere.

I also put one of the shortened diamante pins in the stem of the boutonniere right below the flower head for a little extra sparkle.

I decided the design needed just a couple more loops of skinny wire on the left side.

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