Making a Bouquet with Roses

Easy Flower Arranging Tutorials

After making a bouquet with roses as the main flower base, I'm going to add in some different textures by using pink snapdragons.

A fresh snapdragon should have a firm stem, a slightly curved top, and florets that are firmly attached to the stem. If the flower drops the florets with a light shake, it is too old and will not hold up in the design.

Clean off the bottom half so that you have a smooth stem to insert into the bouquet foam. Cut with a sharp, clean knife to a slightly diagonal point for easy insertion.

Again, as with the roses, you don't have to be perfectly symmetrical with the placement of the snapdragons. Cluster them here and there on the outer edge, with the tips extending just beyond the greenery. Cut a shorter piece or two for insertion into the center of the bouquet.

I also felt the cascade needed one more Sword fern, so I added one on the bottom left.

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