Should You Make Your Own Wedding Flowers?

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Deciding if you should make your own wedding flowers? I have many step by step flower designing tutorials showing you how you can have a beautiful wedding and save money at the same time.

However, there are several key factors you should be aware of BEFORE making this decision. Save yourself unnecessary problems by considering the points below.

1. Are You Easily Stressed?

Weddings are stressful. Most brides are trying to finish a dozen different things in the week before the wedding. You MUST have several hours to devote to constructing the flower arrangements and bouquets. If you fall apart easily or become upset if everything isn't perfect - you'd be better off to call the professional or check out pre-arranged wedding flowers online.

2. Choose Easy Designs

Many of my tutorials show how to make easy centerpieces and bouquets that can be done days in advance. Don't get so ambitious that you picture a room full of towering vases with overflowing cascades of flowers that would rival the Academy Awards in Hollywood!

Elaborate displays are made by teams of designers. Choose something elegant - but simple.

3. Prep the Work in Advance

Be prepared. Order in your hard goods and other wedding supplies EARLY. Create a work space ahead of time, including tables, buckets, knives, scissors and other tools. Scavenge or buy boxes that can be used for transporting corsages, bouts, bouquets and more. Nothing is worse than scrambling around trying to set this up the day the flowers arrive.

Make everything ahead of time that you can, including bows, custom wire collars and more. Experiment ahead of time with a project (even out of silk if you don't want to spend out for fresh). This way you'll be able to anticipate how much time you need per project.

4. Order Your Flowers Early

Professional florists order their flowers well in advance and make sure they arrive a few days BEFORE needed. If you are ordering directly from a farm, you must anticipate problems.

Reputable farms do everything they can to get the flowers to you quickly. But sometimes deliveries get held up or simply don't arrive. Have those flowers coming in on Tuesday or Wednesday so you can get a good look at them and see if they have to ship you replacements.

Most brides are worried that the flowers will die if they get them too soon. Fresh flowers need time to open. Lilies must come 5 - 10 days in ADVANCE so they have time to open. Fresh roses will be tight and should be at your house at least a couple days before you plan to design.

Ask questions from your flower broker so they can tell you what to anticipate.

5. Stay on Top of that Flower Delivery!

Don't order the flowers to be delivered the day you plan to work on them!

I order flowers for a wedding at least six weeks in advance. I then call a week before the wedding and get assurance that my order isn't forgotten. I remind them of my delivery date and ask when they'll be shipped and what time should I expect them.

I then call AGAIN two days before. Insist on knowing which carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) and get a tracking number. Follow the route. Be on that phone IMMEDIATELY if the flowers haven't arrived as scheduled. If they arrive on Tuesday as scheduled you can still have more rushed to you. Please . . . this is so important. No one else cares about those flowers as much as you do.

6. Line Up Helpers

Do not do this alone. Call upon some friends or family to help both with the assembling of the arrangements AND the delivery. If it takes longer than you expect and you have to rush off for a hair appointment, someone else can take over and finish up.

Choose some people who AREN'T in the wedding party or you'll all feel stressed. You need someone who can stay and finish up details if needed.

7. Think About Delivery

You need to think about how you are going to transport these to the church and reception. (Especially in good condition.) If someone offers an open bed truck - say no.

Honest - this happened to me when someone arrived to pick up their flowers and was going to put them all in their bed of an open truck. (Uh . . I followed them to the reception hall instead!)

8. Don't take on More than You can Handle!

It's ambitious to want to do it all, including huge altar sprays, enormous aisle designs and lovely arrangements for the powder room. But be realistic. Choose designs you can do easily without a lot of fuss.

If you are desperate to put a corsage on every person involved in your wedding - parcel out some of that work to a professional flower shop. Corsages and bouts are cheap to buy (in comparison to bouquets) and are very time consuming.

9. Holders are Easier than Hand Tied

Brides love the look hand tied bouquets and think it is so easy to grasp a handful of flowers and tie a bow around it. How hard can that be?

It's harder than it looks. It is a real challenge to put together a well shaped hand-tied bouquet. So if you don't have some designing experience, go the better route and use a bouquet holder . Those flowers stay where you put them and you have much better control over the design. Tie a pretty bow around them or use the stems for a "mock" hand tied bouquet .

Use the newest bouquet holders that have a hollow handle with a hidden "wick" inside . You can design several days in advance, stick it in a vase of water and the bouquet will continue to draw up water and keep the flowers fresh.

10. Use the Products the Professionals Use

Flower food, rehydrators and flower sealants are worth the money. Now is no time for Grandma's hint of putting a penny in the water. Flowers are living plants - and you're job is to keep them fresh and alive so they last through your wedding day.

Still Ready to Do It? Let's Get Started!

Still ready to design your own? All right! Get started by checking out my tutorial pages!

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