Make Your Own Corsages

If you plan to make your own corsages for your wedding (or other event), you should know some basics that professional florists follow.

    When doing a lot of flowers for a wedding, try to do the boutonnieres and corsages last

    Always use the freshest and tightest flowers possible

    Keep cool until worn

    Mist frequently with flower sealant (one last "spritz" before taking to church)

    Choose flowers that hold up well - even out of water

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Making Fresh Corsages Last Longer

My biggest challenge as a wedding florist was to always get the corsage work, which is typically out of water the longest, to hold up well and last throughout the wedding day.

I was delighted to discover the floral picks pictured below.

These corsage picks look like wads of cotton tightly wrapped in corsage tape with a wire sticking up out of the middle ready to pierce into the flower head.

After soaking them in water that has been treated with flower food (key to long lasting flowers!), you cut the stem of a rose short and insert the soaked pick up into the short cut end.

Then you go on to Step 2.

Bending the Wires - Step 3.

Taping - Step 4

I always finish my corsages and boutonnieres with a good misting of Finishing Touch. This product actually feeds the flower through the petals, extending the life of the corsage.

Instructions to Make Corsages

If you'd like to see step by step pictures on an easy way to make corsages, click on this link.

To learn how to wire and tape, click here

I carry all these and other florist products in my wedding supply store.

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