Make Your Own
Christmas Centerpiece

Make your own Christmas centerpiece unique by adding the flowers of your choice. Although traditionally holiday centerpieces are usually composed of red and white flowers, you can compliment your own Christmas colors by using blues, golden yellows or bright lime green flowers.

I am making a more traditional look with this tutorial, however, and have started flowering with white spray roses.

These tiny delicate roses usually have three to four buds on each stem and eventually open to a lovely miniature rose.

Begin inserting them randomly around your arrangement. Cut the stems long enough that it can be inserted deep enough into the wet foam to have a good solid water source.

The design begins to shape up quickly with the addition of fresh flowers. Know what? You can also "cheat" by using realistic silks in your Christmas centerpiece. The fresh greens provide a long lasting fragrance . . . and most people won't even realize the flowers are silk unless you tell!

When placing the flowers, the heads should point up at the top of the arrangement, straight out in the center and point down slightly when inserting them near the bottom. This way the centerpiece looks beautiful from all angles.

Don't hesitate to use the leaves from the rose bunch to add extra texture and interest to the centerpiece.

Tuck them in here or there wherever you have an empty spot.

Wow! What a difference . . . and the flowering isn't done yet! On to the next step.

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