Make Your Bouquet of Roses Rounded

Easy Flower Arranging Directions for Weddings

You make your bouquet round by keeping your rose heads level with one another. I began this tutorial by choosing my bouquet holder and then beginning to insert my first roses.

By inserting all the roses the same depth, you will maintain a rounded shape. The final roses around the bottom will need to be a slightly longer length, so it finishes as a perfect half circle.

Once your first line of roses has been completed, you now will have a guide for inserting the rest of the flowers. Start in the middle and begin inserting more roses, filling in with the heads touching the others and leaving no gaps.

Note that the flowers on the top face straight up, and the flower heads begin curving outwards as you move down the bouquet.

Be careful as you fill in the flowers, because at this stage the bouquet begins to get heavier. The roses will not be totally secure until you squirt Floralock in among the stems.

Flipping the bouquet around too roughly may cause you to lose a flower out of the bouquet.

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