Make a Wedding Boutonniere

Twisted Wire Designs

Make a wedding boutonniere unique by creating your own twisted wired designs.  Whether you use the same pattern or make up one of your own, I guarantee your boutonnieres will get noticed!

Clamp the wire armature to the boutonniere by squeezing the two middle loops firmly against the stem.

Bend and pull the wire into shape until it is where you want it.

I'm going to cover the green part showing (the top part of the rose bulb/caylex) with a shorter piece of the gold decorative wire.

Bend the wire, curving it into shape with your fingers.

Wrap this shorter wire around the neck of the rose.  If you wish to make the decorative piece more secure, you can wrap it about that design, too.

Press the wire armature tightly against the stem, making sure it is secure.

If you need, use a pair of needle nose pliers to squeeze the loops.  Take care or the pliers can leave scratch marks in the soft metal.

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