Make Table Centerpieces

To make table centerpieces, you start by learning the most basic design. I will show you have to green in a round wedding centerpiece.

You will need the following floral supplies:

One of the biggest keys to making your centerpiece look professional is greening in your table arrangement, covering your mechanics (such as tape, cowee picks, etc), having it look good from every angle and adding in special touches.

Start with an economy bowl. When you make table centerpieces, save on putting your money into flowers . . . not the container! The one pictured below is a standard florist economy bowl. It is cheap and molded with special spikes on the bottom to keep the florist foam from slipping.

Cut a standard brick of florist foam in half. (Don't skimp on foam - the more flowers, the more water they draw. Your centerpieces can be made early, but be sure to keep rewatering the bowls so the foam stays wet!)

Secure with bowl tape. (I usually use green to blend in with the greenery - but I used white here so you can see it clearly.)

Cut laterals off of a stem of leather leaf fern. This type of greenery is very basic and can be found in every florist shop. They are bought in bunches (usually 20 -25 stems per bunch.) You will need between 4 - 5 stems for a standard round arrangement (more if you intend to have a very large arrangement.)

Begin by circling the bowl with the laterals of leather leaf. Be sure to angle the greenery DOWN at first, so that from the side you cannot see the green florist foam.

Continue adding greens around the diameter of the container, pointing the greens downward.

If you'd like an inexpensive glass candle holder in the center, I'll share my trick. Go to the dollar store and buy crystal wine glass.

Wind waterproof table around the bottom of the stem of the glass. Put on safety glasses (please don't skip this step!!), wrap a paper towel around the bottom of the glass.  Slip the stem of the glass into a freezer bag. 

Carefully tap the flattened part of the glass (while inside the freezer bag) with a hammer.  The bottom part should break away and be inside the freezer bag.

Carefully tape over the bottom end of the broken glass, covering the rough edges to prevent cuts to fingers.

Insert the stemmed cup (now without a flattened bottom) into the center of the arrangement.

Continue greening the design, filling in the Oasis brick with the leather fern.

Now for those "extra special" touches.  Florists use Cowee Picks to create stems for short flowers and to pick in greenery.  The wood swells when wet and helps secure the flowers or greenery into the foam.

 Loop some stems of lily grass.   Wrap the wire of a Cowee pick (a little wooden stake with wire pre-wrapped on the end) around the looped greens to create a decorative greenery accent.

As you make centerpieces, inserting these loops and a few different variety of greens, you begin to make a more interesting textures and shapes into the design.

You can green in your centerpieces several days in advance.  Mist with a plant polish such as Leafshine.  This will seal the greenery and give it a shiny clean look.  Leaves can take on a splotchy look as water droplets dry if using hard water.

Quickly cut and insert your fresh flower stems a day or two before your wedding. Replace any water used up by the greenery and mist throughly with a flower sealant after finished with the flower design. 

I always use a sealant such as Finishing Touch after flowering.

These two professional floral products are inexpensive and will increase the life span of your floral arrangements.  Don't skip it . . . you'll be glad you didn't!

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