Make Rose Bouquet

Flower Tutorials for the Do It Yourself Bride

Make rose bouquet stems stay firmly in place by using Floralock Stem Adhesive. This bouquet tutorial began by soaking the bouquet holder in fresh flower food. I then began inserting the first roses into the holder. The roses begin to create a rounded dome shape with no space between the flower heads. Keeping the stem lengths even creates a smooth, even bouquet surface that so many brides desire.

A very important step for this bouquet is using stem adhesive. I love Floralock, because it locks the stems into place and reduces the danger of any flowers falling out of your bridal bouquet design.

It comes with a long nozzle attachment, making it easy to insert between the flower heads and reach the point where the stems are inserted into the bouquet foam.

Follow the directions on the can, shaking throughly so that the glue can travel easily through the long nozzle. Use in small shots, aiming the glue directly at the flower stems. Continue until all the stems are coated with the glue. Do not overdo, or you will have glue dripping down the sides of the holders.

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