How to Make a
Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

If you plan on buying your wedding flowers online, it is important that you learn how to compare prices of "wholesale" flower sites.  When I started this website, my goal was only to carry hard goods in my online store.  This included products like bouquet holders, florist foam and other essential products that are staples in a professional flower shop.  I planned to refer brides to reputable online websites that are flower farms.

I became frustrated, however, when I saw that the claimed "retail" prices to be extremely high - and their "wholesale" prices are certainly not the price I would have paid as a florist when I was managing a flower shop.

The other downside was that many of those sites insist a DIY bride buy a minimum of 10 - 14 bunches (full cases) of both flowers and greenery.  This usually limites a bride to having nothing but roses or be stuck buying their "pre-mixed packaging" offers.  

I think mixing and matching of both flower varieties and greenery is what makes a bride's wedding unique to her.  I wanted my customers to be actually SAVE money when she provided the labor for her wedding.  Labor in our area is usually a 100% markup on weddings.  If she pays an inflated price for the flowers, she's not really going to come out ahead and might as well pay a local florist to design the flowers for her!

It is wise to use a tool like my free Wedding Flower Calculator to make up your own "flower recipes" before ordering your online flowers.  This is the same method I use when I quote a wedding.  This way you will know how much to order and can refer to it when designing the flowers.  If you stick to your calculations, you won't fall short on nor order too many flowers.

The advantage of ordering only what you need gives you the budget to spend a few dollars on some essential florist products.  Don't skip flower food, the re-hydrator and the petal sealants.  This is what sets professional florists apart from amateurs.  I teach you how to process your dry pack flowers correctly, thus giving you the longest life possible.  

I ship from a professional floral wholesaler that is reputable and has been in business for over 60 years.  I've dealt with them for years and trust them to treat my customers like gold.  

Ok . . . on to the flower tutorial!

A traditional hand tied wedding bouquet takes a certain amount of professional design skill.  The flowers have to be rotated and turned while placing the stems at a certain angle across the handle.

I've created the beautiful look of a hand tie . . . but making it much easier to create by using a new European Bouquet Holder.

For this tutorial you'll need:

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