Make Christmas Centerpiece Designs

Learning to make Christmas centerpiece designs isn't as hard as it seems. Florists have several tricks of the trade (including the proper supplies) so they can turn out large centerpieces quickly.

Let's begin with a basic round centerpiece that you can finish out with a hurricane lamp and pillar candle. Most Christmas greens are very durable and can last quite a while if you keep the design watered. I love using an Oasis Design Ring because they have a built in water tray and come in three different sizes.

Be careful not to OVERFILL . . . since you can cause a leak and create a wet spot on a tablecloth. This handy tray does cut down on the difficulty of watering, however, and is one of my favorite Oasis foam products to use.

Professional florists order in a mixture of standard Christmas greens in full crates or boxes. Unless you are planning to do a large amount of centerpieces, it is better for you to order a bag of assorted greens that are shipped in cellophane sleeves.

These are cut fresh as shipped the same manner as to a florist shop. This assortment is usually made of Port Oxford cedar, Princess Pine, Douglas Fir, and Western Green Bear Grass.

I begin first by watering the florist foam ring throughly with water treated with a flower food supplement. This is a simple (but important) step. Remember how you water your fresh cut tree with a mild sugar water mixture? Same theory works for a Christmas centerpiece. These greens are live and will stay that way much longer if you take certain precautions.

Cedar is flat and can be trimmed to size. All greens exude a sticky sap when cut, so take care to use floral shears or a sharp knife than can be rinsed clean later.

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