Make Calla Lily Bouquet

Wedding Flower Tutorials for the DIY Bridae

To make this calla lily wedding bouquet, the flowers have already been separated by colored and taped into clusters.

The next step is to begin the center of the bouquet by tightly clustering three white callas and taping with florist's tape. Note that, unlike the other clusters, the centers of these flower heads are together, and the points of the lilies form a triangle shape.

The rest of your flowers for this bouquet are already taped together.

They are more "lined up", with the points in a rather curved line rather than circle.

Gently place one of these clusters against the center white cluster and tape firmly. Continue adding more clusters around the center white blooms, turning the bouquet as you tape more and more clusters to the bouquet.

The points should all face out, creating a larger circle effect.

Your calla lilybouquet will shape up quickly. The flowers should be evenly spaced with color. Continue adding until all your taped clusters of flowers are used. The last few bunches should be used to fill in where there if there are any "holes" in your circle or if the bouquet looks lopsided.

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