Make a Calla Boutonniere

Wrapping with Decorative Wire

Metallic wire comes in a lot of different colors so you can coordinate them with your own wedding scheme.  This wire also comes in copper, gold and silver (not shown in picture).

Here I'm going to use strong pink instead of green floral tape.  There will be no need to hide the mechanics of this boutonniere design, since the colored wire is part of the look.

I wrap the wire around the stem tightly to hold the fold in place.  Now I can let go of the leaf.

I'm going to cut this wire off and secure in the back.

Make a clean cut with a pair of sharp wire cutters.  Do not use scissors.  That is a good way to ruin your scissors!

Curl the rough ends tightly and loop inward, burying the sharp ends into the leaf itself.

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