Make a Bridal Bouquet

Preparing White Roses

Prepare your roses for use in wedding bouquets by processing your bulk flowers correctly.  The key to long flower life is the correct handling of your flowers from the time you receive them until they are transported to the church.

This is especially critical for DIY brides, since they usually don't have a large flower cooler available like professionals do.

Be sure your stems are clean and free of thorns before inserting into florist foam, or the sharp edges can tear up and break foam apart.

I insert my first rose dead center, pushing the stem gently into the foam with my fingers.

As you place your flowers into the design, the center rose should face straight out, the next ring of roses should begin tipping outward and the outer ring of flowers should be at a complete 90 degree angle ("L" ) to the center flower.

Bouquets should be beautiful from all angles, sides as well as from front.

I space my beginning placement of flowers apart, establishing the outer perimeter (and final size) of the bouquet.

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