Make Boutonnieres

Decorative Wire Accents

I like to make boutonnieres "extra special" by adding a decorative wire accent.  This mallable wire comes in a lot of different colors and gauges.  You can use a very thin bullion wire that has a crinkled texture or choose the smoother thinner metallic wire option.

There are lots of choices for creating a lot of different looks, so explore your options before deciding!

I want to conceal the cut end of the wire and make sure it is firmly entrenched into the design.  Slide it upward behind the heads of the mums.

Create a hairpin bend that can hook around the taped stems.

Simply continue winding the wire down the boutonniere stem.

I left room between the wraps in order to show the colored tape and add interest.  You can also tightly wind the wire in coils that no stem shows.

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