How to Make a Boutonniere

Magnetic Vases

Magnetic vases make creating wedding boutonnieres fast and easy.  They come in a variety of styles.  All have an oval magnet attached to the back to avoid the necessity of pins.

Saftey Note:  do not use anything magnetic on people with pacemakers.  The magnets may interfere with the normal operation of a pacemaker.

The style called "Diamond Horizon" comes in both sparkling silver and black.

The strong magnet holds any flower firmly against the lapel of the tux.

Simply slip in a bloom or two of your favorite flower.  You can secure with floral adhesive, tape or floral clay.

Simply slip the oval magnet in behind the lapel for a tight bond.

The magnet eliminates the need for awkward pinning of flowers.

Choose your combination of flowers and greenery to make your own lovely boutonnieres.  Here is a lavender mum with a couple of the leaves from it's stem.

You have a polished, professional looking boutonniere that is done in just minutes and is ready to wear!

Bring the stems or grass blades down the bottom for another unique design.

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