Make a Boutonniere

Wiring Snapdragons

Want to make an interesting boutonniere?  Go a step beyond a single rose.  Mix in some other elements such as different flowers, greenery and more.

Snapdragons are not what a DIY bride normally thinks of when it comes to making boutonnieres.  But this flower has beautiful florets and comes in a lot of different colors.

Professional florists like to incorporate a more unique look by using more than just flowers.  The tip of a snapdragon is a cluster of unmatured buds - perfect as a wired accent for a wedding boutoniere!

After making a clean cut with a floral knife, I insert a 24 gauge wire through the base.

I finish by bending the wire down and taping with green florist tape.

I generally wire and tape all the elements of my corsages and boutonnieres before moving on to the assembly step.  This moves things along quicker, especially if you have a large quantity of them to do.

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