Make a Rose Boutonniere

I'm going to make this rose boutonniere simple by adding five laser leaves around the head.  Because the leaves are wired, you have a lot of control and can bend them any which way you choose.

I tape each individual leaf separately rather than trying to hold all five against the boutonniere at one time.

Notice I started with rose leaves and now added a fern shaped leaf.  Subtle differences like this give more interest to boutonnieres.

Tuck the front leaves directly under the flower head and then bend forward so they frame the rose rather than hide it.

See how I left two leaves up and then bent down the others.  This gives your boutonniere an interesting profile.  Note how I tried to get the florist tape as high as possible, covering the green caylex (bulb) of the rose completely.

The white rose presents a dramatic contrast against the hot pink leaves and will photograph well against the tux lapel.

Finish adding the final leaf and bend it downwards as well.  Tape securely down the entire stem, making sure all sharp points of wires are covered with the tape.

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