Make Boutonnieres

Adding a Pearl Accent

Adding a pearl accent can make boutonnieres have that final touch of elegance.  You can save time by buying Pixie Pins, which come 100 to a box and are available in several colors.

If you wish, you can cut down standard corsage pins to a short length by using wire cutters.  You'll need a block of styrofoam, safety glasses and sturdy wire cutters.  Please take care - sharp points can fly across the room and cause serious injury to eyes or faces if they strike someone.

Insert the pearl pin deep into the styrofoam, leaving the amount of shank you desire for the shortened pin exposed.

Wearing eye protection, cut the head of the pin with your wire cutters.

The shortened shank can now be buried in the boutonniere stem, making sure that it doesn't come out the back side and have a sharp point exposed.

This last touch of elegance makes our boutonniere complete and ready to wear.

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