How to Make a Boutonniere

Adding Geranium Leaves

I love adding a minature geranium leaf to this boutonniere tutorial.  It makes has a cool look with the rounded curve plus the interesting coloring.

As the leaves before in this boutonniere tutorial, thread the florist wire in and out behind the leaf's veins.  Press your thumb and forefinger on the center of the leaf before bending the wire.

An open hairpin wire runs down parallel on each sides to create a wire stem.

Once bound with florist tape, you can gently bend the wire in a curved shape to fit under the rose head.

From the top, you can see how the wire stitches across the face of the geranium leaf.

Fit it under the left side of the rose. 

Another one or two geranium leaves, threading them with wire and taping as before.  Fill out under the flower head until you have the rose completely surrounded with your greenery.

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