Make a Boutonniere

Adding Shortened Pearl Accents

Here's where the fun comes in making boutonnieres!  I love adding points of interest, as in creating a curved line with these small pearl accents.

I started up high, pushing the pin point deep into the boutonniere head, making sure the sharp point doesn't come out the back side.

I start pinning additional pearls down the stem, following the natural curve and line of the boutonniere itself.

The pearls are visible from the side, but I then begin to curve them towards the front of the boutonniere.

The graceful line begins to come towards the front of the stem.

I finish on the left side.  Now you could continue this line of pearls, wrapping them entirely around the stem if you chose.

What's nice is that these pins come in a generous 144 box, allowing you the freedom to have a lot for decorative use as well as pinning onto the lapels.

Don't forget other decorative pins such as diamante or Retro flower pins.

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