How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

Super Wet Bouquet Holders

A Super Wet bouquet holder is one of my favorites - especially for "mock hand tied" bouquets.  It is green (big plus for hiding the mechanics later and concealing that you are using a bouquet holder.

I ALWAYS soak my bouquet holders in water that has been treated with fresh flower food.  Flowers are living organics things - it makes sense that they will last longer if you give them the right nutrients.

This holder is made with Super Max foam - so good at keeping flowers alive that I'm not afraid to use it for hydrangeas.  Those water loving flowers have always been a problem for florists because they wilt soon after being removed from a water source.

The handle has a built in wick.  You remove the cap and drop the finished bouquet in a vase of water.  The wick channels water up into the foam head and keeps the flowers hydrated!

Just don't forget to REMOVE the cap before you cover the handle with the flower stems.  It can be a little tricky getting it off later!  If you cut the stems close to the bottom of the stems, you can cap it later to help prevent water from dribbling out onto the bridal dress.

I LOVE this holder!!

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