How to Make a Bouquet

Decorative Wire Wrap Handle

My brides seem to love the versitality of the colored wire now available by Oasis.  In comes in 17 beautiful colors.  It has a shine and is impervious to water.  You don't have to wait on the handle finish like you do with ribbon wrap.

The soft aluminum wire cuts easily with wire cutters and bends into shape with your hands.

I push the cut end up into the foam, locking it into place, then begin winding it down the stem.

Wind carefully at the top, making sure to cover the top of your tape that surround your flower stems.

You soon get into a rhythm of working your way down the flower handle, rotating the bouquet as you wind the wire.

The wire works smoothly and doesn't tangle easily like ribbon as it comes off the roll.

Once I complete the wrap, I use my wire cutters to twirl a tight knot finish to the cut end of the wire.

An alternative look would be ribbon or the plastic diamond like wrap shown below.  It, too, is impervious to water and can be immersed without damage.

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