How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

Circling Holder with Galax Leaves

Galax leaves are truly one of my favorite greens to use in weddings.  I love these perfect little leaves for bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

Unfortunately, many wholesale flower sites have priced these leaves beyond the reach of many DIY brides.  I find it hard to swallow that they are claiming the "retail" price of these leaves are normally $35.00 per bunch.  REALLY?  Saying that 10 bunches are worth $350 makes my eyes bug out.  I wish someone had told me that when I was working out of a flower shop.  The extra insult is that they are claiming a "grower's bunch" is only 10 leaves.  

When I purchase galax bunches from my wholesaler, they come in bunches of 25.  Quite a difference!  I charge a lot less and only require a bride to buy one bunch at a time.  But hey!!  You are getting a $35 bunch of leaves for only $4.00!!  (Because you are getting 25 - not 10!!)

Another website will sell you a single bunch - but want over $20 for 10 - 12 leaves.

C'mon.  I don't claim to sell wholesale . . . I wouldn't stay in business long if I did.  But this borders on ridiculous.

 I also don't offer "free shipping" - but at the above "wholesale" prices I think their "free shipping" is well padded into the price - don't you?

Shop around - read the fine print.  There are some flower varieties I simply won't sell.  Why?  Because they don't travel well in a FedEx truck. 

My goal is for your DIY flowers to arrive in good condition - ready to use.  I don't want any bride stressed because her flowers are stressed.  I want to feel good about what I sell - not shrug my shoulders and offer a refund and a "oh, well, sorry" right before someone's wedding day.

By the way . . . these are live products.   That means not every leaf is "cookie cutter perfect".  They aren't silks stamped out in a factory.

If I see a little browning on the edges, a florist grabs her scissors and does a little quick nipping.  (Although if I paid $22 for 10 leaves - every one of those babies better be pristine!!  LOL!!)

There!  Ready to use!

I want a collar of leaves to show just beyond the roses in this wedding bouquet, so I insert the galax leaf on top of the leather already around the outside of the bouquet holder.

Continue around the entire perimeter of the bouquet.

Here is the end look . . . for less than $4.00 of galax leaves!  (Sorry - just can't quit harping on that!)

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