Make a Wedding Boutonniere

It isn't that difficult to make a boutonniere and the supplies aren't really that expensive (to a florist).  Then why does the cut flower work such as boutonnieres and corsages cost so much? 

Florists set prices according to time spent and the occasion.  Weddings (and - for that matter, funerals) are high demand flower work and the labor costs are higher.

You can save money by making your own wedding flower designs.  Unfortunately, buying so called "wholesale" flowers online runs into the problem of sites demanding that you buy in large quantities.

For the higher end looking corsages and boutonnieres, investing in ten bunches of two or three different kinds of flowers and THEN two or three different kinds of greenery just isn't cost effective.

I think this is ridiculous - so I added both fresh flowers and greenery to my own online store and allow brides to buy single bunches.  I may not advertise "free shipping" - but neither do I charge ridiculous amounts for bulk greenery and think my customers will believe that a single leaf should retail for $4.40.

Florists use mixed greenery to STRETCH a flower budget and create unique looking boutonniere.    The point is not inflate it to unaffordable levels.  I believe a DIY bride should have a choice of more that a cluster of roses for her wedding flowers. 

For this mixed flower boutonniere, you will need the following:

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